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The Depilady Laser Hair Removal Handset is perfect for those who are tired of expensive beauty salon treatments and want to remove their own hair at home.

Here’s our Depilady™ – IPL HAIR REMOVAL HANDSET Hair Removal Review.

PROS (acording to the manufacturer)

  • Visible results in just a few uses

    Just three quick sessions over three weeks will bring long-lasting visible results.

  • Safe to use and gentle on skin

    We use modern IPL laser technology in this device, which ensures 100% safe and effective application at home. Hair removal with IPL is barely associated with pain, the feeling can be described as a warm sensation on the skin.

  • You can treat any body part

    With this device you can treat any part of the body, including facial hair (cheeks, chin, upper lip, neck, sideburns) and also the private part. So it’s perfect for both men and women.

  • Reduction of hair regrowth from first use
  • Suitable for all but the darkest skintones



    PROS – according to us!

    • Beautiful and simple design
    • Easy to use
    • Innovative IPL technology
    • 500,000 flashes, which should make it a long-lasting device
    • Quick sessions, but several sessions needed to see results
    • Almost no pain
    • Can be purchased for under 60€ on the manufacturer’s website




    Depilady™ – IPL HAIR REMOVAL HANDSET offers salon luxury lasers in the comfort of your own home, in a fraction of the time and cost of IPL laser treatments in the clinic!




    The two biggest disadvantages we noticed are the fact that the device is tied to a cable during treatment and that it is not suitable for dark skin tones.



    AMAZING! I did the full bikini, underarms, legs and a face laser. The results are amazing!!”

    OBSESSED! I’ve been going to get my laser other place but I found this online and never looked back. Its so good and you can see the hair decrease and I have pcos so unwanted hair is a big thing but I totally love this IPL.”

    I love it! Beautiful packaging. The device works perfectly. Very satisfied with my purchase.


    Our Verdict:

    For the price of about 60€, this device offers a lot! It incorporates modern IPL technology and gives good results (even if it takes a few treatments). Unfortunately, it is not suitable for all skin colours, but it can be used on any part of the body.

    We say


    Overall Rating Braun IPL Silk Expert Pro 5 PL5137 Generation IPL, Permanent Visible Hair Removal for Women and Men with Deluxe Pouch, Venus Razor and Precision Head, White and Gold