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The Ultimate Guide to a Bikini Wax

“Ouch” is a word many people associate with the bikini wax. So why do we put ourselves through that it? The primary reason for many women is bikini waxing provides a clean look when we’re in our swimsuits or panties.  But, how often should you get one, and is it safe to do the hair removal treatment yourself at home rather than going to a salon? So many questions!  Good thing we’ve put together the ultimate guide to a bikini wax to provide the answers.

What is a Bikini Wax?

Bikini waxing is the cosmetic method of removing pubic hair from the bikini line. It involves applying hot wax and then peeling away the wax, which removes the hair as well. Hence the word ouch we mentioned before!

There are several types of bikini waxes available, and some salons even offer fun shapes for pubic hair, such as hearts! By far the most popular choices in the UK are the basic, Hollywood, and Brazilian.

Bikini Waxing

Create fun designs with Bikini Waxing

The basic bikini wax is hair removal outside of the panty line. With the Hollywood wax, you bear it all as it removes all hairs; yup, it’s the Queen of the wax. The Brazilian bikini wax removes all hair along the bikini line from the front to your behind.

The type of bikini wax you choose depends on your needs. For example, if you want to wear a thong then you would likely opt for the Brazilian bikini wax as it reveals a lot of the skin.

If you would rather not have any hair removed from your bottom, then a regular wax would be a better option for you than a Brazilian.

Bikini Waxing: How Often Should We Submit to the Ouch Factor?

How often do you get a bikini wax? Ideally, you should allow about three or four weeks between your bikini waxes. That gives your hair time to grow to a length where the wax can fully grip it. By that point, the hair will be about ¼” long.

If you show up at the salon with hair shorter than that, you could be sent home. If you go a lot longer between appointments (no judging!), take time to trim the hair down to the ¼” length as longer hairs can cause more pain when removed.

Wax Heater

Wax Heater

Benefits of a Bikini Wax

Given that many women accept the pain of bikini waxing, whether we do it at home or get a professional at a salon to do it, there has got to be some benefits! Yes, they are several, as follows:

Removes hair at the root – Rather than just removing hair at the skin’s surface, waxing removes it at the root. The method leaves the skin clean and smooth, as well as extending the amount of time it takes for the hair to grow back.

Regrowth is Finer Hair – Some research shows that waxing can damage the hair follicle, which results in hair growing back finer and thinner than before. For women who like the clean look in the pubic area, this is good news aesthetically.

Fewer Hairs Grow Back – In addition to being finer hairs that grow back, there also fewer of them that return with each waxing treatment. That makes for fewer hairs to remove in the future.

Less pain? – Many women explain that the first time getting a bikini wax is the worst. The reason could be that they get used to the pain over time, becoming less sensitive to it. Whatever the cause, less pain over time is a good thing!

Affordable A bikini wax is a more affordable hair removal method than laser hair removal or other permanent options. You can also save money with at-home bikini wax systems.

How Much Does a Professional Bikini Wax Cost?

The cost varies by the type of bikini wax you get and which salon you choose. On average, a basic bikini wax is about £10 while a Brazilian is about double that price. Hollywood is about £25 per treatment.

Many women in the UK are opting to do their waxing themselves at home to save money over time. As well, at-home bikini waxing provides you the advantage of privacy; you don’t have to bare your private area to a total stranger! Also, if you want a simple touch up, it’s nice just to be able to go to your bathroom at home rather than heading to a salon for a quick hair removal.

At-Home Bikini Wax Systems

Two at-home bikini wax systems that are gaining popularity are the GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit and the Surgi Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit for private parts. Here are reviews of both kits:

Gigi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit

Review of GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit – This is a complete kit that includes all of the items used in a professional waxing session, including a wax warmer, Brazilian body hard wax, and pre-epilation oil. It sells for about £74.99, so it would absolutely save you money over time versus numerous salon appointments. Online reviews reveal many women are happy with the hair removal results, even for getting rid of coarse, dark hair.

Review of Surgi-Wax Brazilian Waxing Kit for Private Parts – This kit seems to be a favourite amongst first-time waxers because it is relatively simple to use. Several women describe the kit as being effective at removing hairs and explain that the included spatulas have a great grip. As with Gigi, all items that you need are contained within the Surgi-Wax kit. It is reasonably priced at about £22.99 for a pack of three wax strips.

With any at-home bikini wax treatment, we recommend you check the temperature of the wax on a small area of your arm before putting it on your bikini line. As well, ensure the hair is at least ¼” long before the wax for the most effectiveness.

Do you prefer to get a bikini wax at home or the salon? Do you have tips for minimising the “ouch factor” associated with getting a bikini wax? Feel free to leave us a comment below with your thoughts!