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Elle Macpherson The Body IPL Hair Removal Review

Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal System

Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal with Sensilight


The Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal with Sensilight is one of the most affordable IPL devices for hair removal.

Here’s our Elle Macpherson The Body IPL Hair Removal Review.

The device is FDA Approved and has extra features such as a Skin Contact Sensor and Skin Pigmentation sensor to ensure the device can only be used on suitable skin types, giving peace of mind to those of us worried about using this technology ourselves at home.


Price The device can be bought with great discounts on the RRP of £299.99 (Click here for discounted price) that represents good value espcially when compared to the cost of similar IPL devices out there.

IPL Technology – This device uses IPL Technology, also known as Intense Pulsed Light energy, it is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, turning to heat and damaging the hair folicle, reducing re-growth.

Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal with Sensilight image 300px7cm Treatment window – This is huge compared to the 4cm treatment window you find on many of the top selling branded IPL devices on the market.  Larger Treatment Window = Reduced Treatment time and that sounds good to us.

2 Second Pulse Rate – This is pretty fast, it actually claims to be the fastest pulse rate of any IPL Device on the market, needless to say the quicker the rate the light pulses the quicker you can treat an area and move onto the next.


It brings leading Salon IPL technology into the comfort of your own home


Skin Pigmentation and Skin Contact Sensors We love these added safety features, no more guessing is your skin too dark to be treated, the device will check this and will recommend an appropriate setting for your skin type.

6 Energy Levels for maximum comfortWhilst it is always recommended to start at the lowest energy setting you can move up the energy as you feel more comfortable.  Level 5 or 6 may be fine for the legs but you may find a level 2 or 3 more comfortable on more sensitive areas such as the face or bikini line.

Symmetrical Design for Left and right handed use – this helps so much when you are doing the underarm area and inner thighs/bikini area.

Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal CONS

5000 pulses per cartridge – this is enough for about 4 full body treatments but then you will need to buy a replacement cartridge, which will set you back £20.90, for another 5000 flashes. 

Possible Issues – A number of users have reported having issues with the device not sending the pulse of light when required, with some people reporting a flash rate of just one in ten.

It is worth pointing out in the interests of fairness that there could be a number of reasons for this, for example, the device not being held correctly against the skin so that the skin contact sensor can respond and send the pulse of light or the skin being too dark and therefore the Skin pigmentation sensor not allowing the device to send a pulse of light for safety reasons.

However, whatever the reason it is something that a number of users have reported having issue with and therefore it should be considered in giving a full and fair review of a product.

Our Verdict:

If you are looking for a solution to unwanted hair in few areas and are on a tight budget then this device should be in your shortlist.

Yes the device itself looks a little bulky with the large base unit but what matters is that it does work. The IPL technology is shown to be effective over time in reducing hair growth.  Unlike other IPL Home Hair Removal devices the Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal with Sensilight doesnt make any specific claims about the volume of hair reduction you should experience

The limited lifetime of the cartridge is a drawback.  However if you only intend using the machine on specific areas such as your underarm or bikini area then the 5000 flashes will last  far longer than 4 treatments and sufficiently long enough to start seeing noticable results. This will ensure you get good value from the machine, rather than having to buy expensive replacement cartridges after every 4 treatments.

If you are looking de-hair your whole body then it may be worthwhile investing in a device with more flashes such as the Philips Lumia 2006/11 with 140,000 pulses per device from £299.95 (RRP: £450.00) or the Silk’n Flash and Go LUXX with 125,000 pulses from £179.99  which if you were using the Elle Macpherson The Body by Homedics IPL Hair Removal with Sensilight would cost you a staggering £704.29 in replacement cartridges to obtain a similar number of light pulses.

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Alternative Home IPL devices

Here are some of the alternative Home IPL systems you can choose from:

Philips Lumea

Philips Lumea 2009

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The Philips lumea uses IPL technology and is safe to use on the face and body.  It also comes with two attachments, one for the face and one specifically designed for the bikini area.  Check out our complete Philips Lumea Review.

Braun Silk-expert IPL

Braun Silk Expert IPL Hair Removal System

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The Braun Silk-expert IPL device is a new addition to the Braun family of home hair removal devices.  This device can be used on the face and body and has 120,000 flashes.  It also comes with a body exfoliator.  For more details and reviews Click Here.

We say


Overall Rating Elle Macpherson The Body IPL Hair Removal system might seem like good value price wise, however in terms of results, reliability, ease of use and lifetime of the product you'd be much better investing your hard earned cash in the Philips Lumea range or the Braun Silk Expert IPL system.