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The Ultimate Guide to Electrolysis Hair Removal

Electrolysis Hair Removal is an effective and long lasting alternative to traditional methods of hair removal.  Better than that, you can now perform Electrolysis hair removal from the comfort of your own home.  Read on to discover the best at home electrolysis hair removal devices to give you the smooth hair free skin you’ve always wanted.Electrolysis Hair Removal Roller

Over the years our society has developed a plethora of ways to remove unsightly, unwanted hair, but unfortunately, most of these methods are expensive, painful, and time consuming. In fact, if you do the math, you’ll probably generate some pretty surprising numbers when it comes to the cost of shaving or regular waxing over the course of a lifetime. Not to mention the time associated with completing this process.Assuming that someone spends at least 15 minutes shaving, no less than 3 times per week, that individual will spend more than 39 hours in just one year addressing their unwanted hair issues. That’s an average work week, folks! That’s a lot of time!

Art Naturals Ingrown Hair Solution

Shaving can result in painful rashes and razor burn, difficult ingrown hairs, and those pesky nicks and cuts that leave a stinging sensation for hours.

Waxing can be painful, only lasts for a few weeks, and may not be a very good option for individuals with sensitive skin. Sticky residue is also another frustrating part of waxing. Synthetic chemicals designed to dissolve the hair above the skin are often harsh, have a foul odor, and have a tendency to cause burning and skin sensitivity. Not to mention most people start to feel that itchy stubble only a day or two following the treatment.

Annual costs associated with traditional hair removal methods will vary depending on the supplies purchased and the frequency with which they are used. Although single hair removal products may not be very expensive by themselves, repeated purchases certainly add up.One Touch Deluxe Electrolysis hair removal

One Touch Deluxe Electrolysis Kit

When you combine the amount of time that is required and the costs of hair removal with the pain and side effects of certain techniques, it might make you wonder why we even go through the hassle. Nonetheless, it is generally accepted that hair removal produces smoother and more attractive skin.

For men, it provides a polished, well groomed appearance that indicates self-respect and pride. Ladies certainly appreciate the manicured appearance and feel of refined and perfected hairless skin, all over their body.

If you are tired of countless hours spent grooming, plucking, tweezing, and shaving only to endure painful razor burn and ingrown hairs, perhaps you should consider the amazing technology offered by electrolysis hair removal.

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What is electrolysis hair removal?

In the most basic form, electrolysis is defined as the decomposition of a substance when electrical current is passed through it. Electrolysis technology has been around for several years and serves a myriad of different purposes in the scientific, chemical, and engineering industries.

As we have learned more about the capabilities of electrical current and how it can reduce or permanently stop hair growth, it has become a common tool for getting rid of unwanted hair all over the body.

So how exactly does electrolysis hair removal actually work? A specialized tool or device is used to send mild or low level electrical current through a hair and into the follicle which over time will destroy the root.

For most people, the first several treatments will only slightly impede the follicle’s ability to grow hair. This usually results in finer strands and slower growth. It takes several repeated electrolysis hair removal treatments to completely destroy the root and permanently halt the growth of hair altogether.

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How many electrolysis treatments are necessary for permanent hair removal?

There are many different factors that contribute to the vitality of each person’s hair follicles. Electrolysis hair removal treatments are typically performed once every 1-2 weeks and repeated until no longer needed. Some people only need a few months of treatments, while other people might need to continue electrolysis for 18-24 months before hair growth is completely eliminated. Several individuals report noticeably finer hair even after a single treatment!

Despite the need for multiple treatments, electrolysis hair removal is relatively painless and does not involve the nuances like ingrown hairs or rash that are commonly associated with shaving and waxing.

The most common complaint following electrolysis hair removal is mild redness that usually subsides within a few hours following the treatment. Some people also report feeling a mild to moderate tingling feeling during the treatment – a sensation that immediately stops when the electrical current is removed from the area.

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Sometimes people might confuse electrolysis hair removal with laser hair removal, but these techniques are not the same. Laser hair removal uses specialized, high energy light sources to target melanin. Because individuals with lighter colored locks have less melanin in their hair, this method is somewhat less effective for them.

Medical professionals have raised concerns about laser hair removal because it does not exactly target the degradation of the hair follicle itself. Not to mention it can have serious side effects if not used on the correct skin and hair types.

This is due to the fact that melanin is also found in the skin and more so in people with a darker skin color.  As melanin absorbs the light and heat from the laser it people with higher concentrations of melanin in their skin have an increased chance of skin damage. Experts agree that electrolysis continues to be the most safe and effective technologically assisted way to remove unwanted hair, regardless of complexion or hair type.

Most electrolysis hair removal machines are designed to target one hair at a time. Although it may be time consuming to treat each hair individually, it is the most effective way to ensure deterioration of each follicle.

Rio Electrolysis Tweezer Hair Removal System

Rio Electrolysis Tweezer Hair Removal System

The Rio Electrolysis Tweezer Hair Removal System is an affordable, at home device that targets single hairs. This portable, battery operated machine is easy to use and delivers micro currents directly to the papillae cell that surrounds the hair follicle. Depending on the thickness of the hair, this machine takes anywhere from 5-30 seconds to treat each individual strand. Conductive gel is also recommended to optimize the efficiency of this machine, but is not entirely necessary. Many people are able to use this device without the gel with equal efficiency. The Rio electrolysis hair removal system features flashing lights as well as beeping sounds to indicate when a single hair treatment has been completed.

The Clean and Easy Deluxe One Touch Home Electrolysis Kit also offers convenience and portability, but instead of a tweezer device, provides a needle-style tip that is intended to make direct contact with the base of the hair, at the pore itself. Removable stylet tips are intended to protect the fragile electrode of this machine, but a conductive gel is not necessary. This particular electrolysis hair removal kit also offers a dial to customize the current for added comfort. It is battery operated, and much smaller in size as compared to the above Rio Tweezer system.

Clean and Easy Deluxe One Touch Home Electrolysis Kit

Clean and Easy Deluxe One Touch Home Electrolysis Kit

Finally, there are other at-home electrolysis hair removal kits that offer various conductive pads that are intended for use over larger areas of the body. These are great for the upper lip, arms, legs, bikini area, and even the underarms. Targeting larger areas is not as effective as the single-hair method, but it requires less time per treatment, and can be especially great for areas with thinner hair.

The initial investment into an at-home electrolysis hair removal machine might be a little intimidating at first, but for a method that is proven to result in permanent hair loss, it is well worth it. As long as you understand that multiple treatments are almost always necessary to achieve permanent hair loss, you will not be disappointed. For most people, an at-home machine will cost less than a year’s worth of razors, shaving cream, and rash treatments.

If you don’t like the idea of conducting electrolysis in your home, there are many salons and beauty professionals that offer this service in a spa or parlor setting. In fact, having someone else conduct your electrolysis hair removal treatments is great for hard to see or reach areas. Commercial grade electrolysis hair removal machines are often believed to be more effective than the battery operated devices that are sold for at home use.

Many health and beauty professionals will also use a combination of electrolysis hair removal along with chemical treatments to enhance the effects of the electrical current. Conductive gels that contain additional electrolytes, anti-androgens, and mild acids will further destroy the hair and the follicles responsible for its growth. If you have particularly sensitive skin, this method may not be for you, but it is an available option to target especially stubborn or thick hairs.

If you are going to take the time to address and remove unwanted hairs, why not try a method that will eventually stop hair growth altogether? Electrolysis hair removal is a safe and effective way to target and destroy the hair follicles that are responsible for facilitating hair growth without the most common complaints associated with shaving and waxing.

Regardless if you prefer to do at home treatments yourself, or would rather a seasoned salon professional take care of it, this method works! Stop wasting time on conventional methods over and over again when the hair just keeps coming back. Try electrolysis hair removal instead and take the next steps to smooth, hair-free skin, forever!






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