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14 Top Tweezing Tips for the Perfect Brow

Tweezing remains a top method of choice for removing unwanted hair. Plucking provides a cost effective and precise method of removing stray hairs from the comfort of your own home.

Tweezing Eyebrows

Eyebrow Tweezing

The proper technique; paired with the right tweezers is vital to ensure the best possible results. Not all tweezers are the same and a little investment in a good tweezers can be the difference between a great look or a great amount of pain. Tweezers can be used very precisely to either shape or remove unwanted hairs.

How to find the right tweezers

Tweezers can come in three main types – slanted, pointed and square tips. Each tweezers has its own benefits when plucking.

  • Slanted-tip tweezers are the best for general tweezing. estheticians (or hair removal specialists) recommend them for general eyebrow shaping because they are deemed easy to use.
  • Pointed tip tweezers have ultrafine tips which can be used more easily to lift the hair. Pointed tweezers are best for fine hair and are also excellent for hair on scarring.
  • Square tip tweezers have a large tip which makes it better for tweezing a large area in one pluck. It is not recommended to use this method as experts have advised that it can lead to ingrown hairs or even cause scarring.

Another important consideration is the inside surface of the tip, which can be enhanced to increase gripping power. Some tweezers feature a serrated inside surface to increase friction. Others take advantage of diamond dust embedded in the steel. And a few come with gold-plated tips. Twenty-four karat gold, far softer than steel, increases the grip on fine hair.

Tweezing Tips

Open Pores make hair easier to remove

Your skin should be relaxed and soft prior to tweezing; this is achieved by having a warm shower or bath or placing a hot washcloth on your face for a few minutes prior to plucking.

Chill your tweezers

Place your tweezers in a freezer for a little while prior to plucking. The chilled metal helps numb your skin as you pluck

Shape your brow before your tweeze

Use a spiral brush or similar to make the hairs stand up prior to plucking. A great way to ensure precise plucking is to pencil the eyebrows to the desired shape prior to tweezing. The pencil mark can then be used as a precise guiding tool.

Poor lighting equals poor results

To get a perfect finish, you need to see what you are doing perfectly. Ensure that you only use your tweezers in a well-lit place that does not cause shadows on the area you are working on.

Do not use magnifying mirrors

Magnifying mirrors lead to over tweezing. Magnifying mirrors often mean that you are too close to see the desired result and this means that you are more prone to pluck more than needed.

Sanitize the your tweezers first

A tweezers can carry bacteria and should be dipped in rubbing alcohol or washed with an antibacterial before you begin plucking. Dry the tweezers with clean cotton wool or similar to ensure that the tweezers don’t slip.

Use a good mirror

A good mirror is just as important as a good tweezers. Make sure that the mirror is small enough to allow you direct it on a small area and that it is big enough to see what you are doing. Lighted mirrors offer a great solution to lighting and mirrors but be sure not to use the magnified side.

Professional Salon Tweezing

Professional Salon Tweezing

Pluck the hairs quickly and in the right direction that the hair grows

When tweezing the hairs must be plucked in one swift movement. The hair should be plucked in the same direct as it grows. Plucking in the wrong direction leads to redness and bumps.

Make sure the hair was removed and not broke

Thoroughly inspect the area to ensure that the hair has been removed entirely. If the hair was not completely removed, pluck the remaining stem to ensure a clean pluck.

Don’t take too much off

There is a tendency to over pluck the area between the brows to avoid a uni brow. If this is over plucked, the larger space can give the illusion of a bigger nose and eyes that are too far apart. The rule of thumb is that the eyebrow should align with the bridge of your nose and not your nostrils. A pencil line can make sure you are on the right line!

Too much of an arch makes you look surprised

A common error when pickling is to create too much of an arch. Arched eyebrows tend to give a look of permanent surprise. The natural arch is found by starting at the brows highest point and tweezing below the brow to create the arch

Tweezerman Red Slant

Tweezerman Slanted Tweezers

Only a little from the top

A shapely brow is open that is created by only tidying the top. The shape is created from the bottom but the top must be free of stray hairs to give shape and definition.

Wait before applying after lotion

Allow at least 15 minutes before applying any after treatment lotion. Your pores must me allowed close fully before you apply lotion to an open sore.

Apply a soothing cream after tweezing

Once you have plucked the unwanted hairs, it is vital to sooth the skin.

Looking for Tweezers?

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