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A Beginners Guide to Laser Hair Removal

Today we all want smooth hair free skin.  We’re sick of stubble after shaving, tired of visiting the salon for waxing treatments and fed up waiting to be hairy again so we can start the process all over again.  We’ve had enough!

So if there is a more permanent solution to being fuzz free – wouldnt you want to know more? Well there is and its called Laser Hair Removal.

Laser Hair Removal treatments are on the increase and its not hard to see why.  In an age where most of us spend our days juggling priorities from our career and social life to looking after the kids and family time its difficult to imagine how far down the list our hair removal regime has dropped.

Laser Hair Removal offers results that range from Permanent Hair Reduction to Permanent Hair Removal.  Some people need a few top up sessions after the original course of treatment meanwhile others require no further treatment and achieve an almost hair free life.

How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The laser concentrates a beam of light into the specific area to be treated which then targets the melanin in the hair. Melanin is the pigment in our hair that gives it colour.  The melanin absorbs the light and heat from the laser beam as it goes through the skin.

The ideal candidate should have dark hair and fair skin so that the laser is targeted specifically at the hair and not at the skin, but there are also a few lasers that work well on medium to dark skin tones.  Your clinician will be be able to advise you on the specific types of laser available.

Why do I need Several Treatments?

Hair has a 3 different phases of hair growth; Growth, Transitional and Resting.  Hair must be in the growth phase for it to be effected by the laser and therefore only hair in the growth phase is permanently removed.  Hair removed in the other stages of growth will grow back. For this reason, treatments need to be repeated over time.

How much does it cost?

Below is a general guide to approximate pricing in UK clinics based as at January 2015 (Prices are per Session and a course of 6-10 sessions is usually required)

Upper Lip or Chin             £40 – £55

Chest                                    £75 – £140

Full Leg                                 £170 – £320

Does Laser Hair Removal hurt?

Many people report a mild discomfort during the treatment, particularly the first session.  Many salons apply a numbing cream to make the procedure completely comfortable.

How many treatments are required?

This can depend on many factors, your clinician will be able to advise you specifically.

As a general rule, most people require treatment every 4-6 weeks for Facial, Lip and Chin Hair and 8 to 10 weeks for Body Hair.

Post Treatment maintenance can involve 1-4 sessions a year.

What to expect after treatment

Some people experience redness in the area around the hair follicle due to swelling but this should subside quickly.  A tip is to apply a cold press and it should be fine within a few hours.

You should be careful however to avoid sunlight for at least a few days post treatment.

For more information on Laser Hair Removal see The Ultimate Guide to Laser Hair Removal