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Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body Review

Remington is a global market leader in terms of hair and hair removal products. They have invested a great deal of time, money and knowledge into creating products that deliver what it says on the box. The Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body is one in a long line of fantastic products.

Remington iLight Pro Face and Body

The Remington i-Light Pro Face and Body is an Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) product. When you receive your device, you will notice it comes with a docking unit that charges and stores the IPL. It is very similar to professional cosmetic laser light removal systems.

Essentially, it is designed to weaken the hair itself, until it completely starts growing. The light quickly flashes on the skin again and again and, after a few weeks, results should be visible. One of the great things about this product is that it is also FDA approved.

It is important to understand, however, that the device will not actually make the hair fall off completely. Rather, it reduces growth speed, generally by as much as 45%.

According to the manufacturer the Remington i-Light Pro is the quickest IPL device domestically available today. This is because it has a multi-flash mode, which is completely unique, trigger a flash of light every two second. The lamp head is actually very small, but the promised results and speed at which it achieves these results is impressive.

The approximate treatment times are below for each area:

Full Leg                            15 mins
Lower Leg                        8 mins
Bikini Line                        3 mins
Extended Bikini Line   5 mins
Underarm                        3 mins


The Remington i-Light Pro is corded and the cord is extendable, so you can easily maneuver it.  The bulb that is used in the IPL is consumable, but it is relatively cheap to replace, costing only around £20. You get a spare bulb with your original purchase. Together, these two bulbs deliver around 3,000 pulses of lights. You also get a two year’s manufacturer warranty. You will receive this inside your package. The box will also contain the device, the docking station, the spare bulb and the user manual.

Remington I Light Pro Face and Body for face

Remington I Light Pro Face and Body for face


•    The device comes hugely recommended by various users.
•    It is very user friendly.
•    Extra Safety features such as the Skin Colour sensor which will check if your skin is suitable for treatment before you begin.
•    Remington is a highly trusted brand that is a true expert in the field of health care. They have developed a range of different hair care products over the years that are known to work and deliver true results.
•    It comes with a full two year manufacturer’s warranty.
•    It is easy to store, easy to clean and very light weight.
•    It is effective in just a few treatments.
•    You can use it all over your body, and treatment times for the various areas are clearly defined.
•    It can be used for facial hair, although you do have to be careful with this.


•    The cartridge included with the Remington i-Light Pro is exhaustible and with a total of 3000 flashes from your original purchase this is not great when compared to the Philips Lumea 2006/11 or the Silk’n Flash & Go Luxx.
•    Priced from £258.00 its quite high considering the limited lifespan of the bulb.


Overall, the Remington i-Light Pro is a great device with well designed features but considering the price we would expect more longetivity from the bulbs.  It is priced in the mid-range of IPL devices and this is probably fair considering everything.  Remington is a known brand name that you can trust, they are  experts in the field of cosmetic hair care and hair removal and this device fits well within that reputation.

We say


Overall Rating Average machine, average price!