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Laser Hair Removal or IPL – Which is best?

The Hair Removal industry is booming, clinics are opening up and down the country offering Laser Hair Removal or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatments, both are said to offer a ‘permanent’ solution to unwanted hair but which is best and what are the differences between them? How

The Ultimate Guide to Sugaring

Sugaring, which is also known as Persian waxing or sugar waxing, is an ancient hair removal practice that dates back to the Eygptian era. Sugaring has  increased in popularity in recent years as an all natural form of hair removal, without the pain associated with waxing and

14 Top Tweezing Tips for the Perfect Brow

Tweezing remains a top method of choice for removing unwanted hair. Plucking provides a cost effective and precise method of removing stray hairs from the comfort of your own home. The proper technique; paired with the right tweezers is vital to ensure the best possible results. Not

3 Top Tips to beat Facial Hair

Around 40% of women naturally have some form of hair on their face.  So why are so few of us openly talking about it? In our teenage years we come to terms with the progressive growth of female body hair as a sign of stepping into womanhood;